Minimalist sustainable jewellery, handmade from recycled silver, up-cycled and locally bought materials.

Hello! You might notice that a lot of my products appear ‘out of stock’ at the moment. This is because I have temporarily stopped doing made to order pieces, and am just selling pieces that are pre-made. I will be updating this when I can, but all the pieces I have available are included in the stock count. 

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'They are so dainty and original, they look amazing and I love that they remain handmade looking!'
'Such a beautiful necklace – ordered as a present for my mum and she absolutely loves it!'
'Amy answered all my queries by email and, because I like to wear my necklaces long, she even included a chain extender at no extra cost'
'So sleek and unique and beautifully made'

Interested in a custom order?

Custom orders are available! If there is something specific you have in mind, or if you want to throw around some ideas, get in touch via email or Instagram DM and we can discuss pricing.


What am I already doing?

–  I use Eco-Silver (recycled sterling silver). This is when silver scraps are melted down into a repurposed wire.

– I upcycle old jewellery. I am part of the Rejewel Collective and additionally use charity shops and donations.

– I package my orders in cardboard boxes, and use either plastic-free or entirely recycled packaging. 

-When I order materials, I am careful about who I shop with. I check the country of origin so that even if the company is based in the UK, they are mostly sourcing from European countries. I also never choose next day delivery.

– Research! It’s very important to know where my materials are coming from. I would never make jewellery if I was contributing to unsafe working conditions.

What am I aiming to achieve?

– I will not sell gold jewellery until I can use eco-gold or find a sustainable plating service. Right now this isn’t financially viable but it’s the goal!

– Continue to grow my network. I’d like to receive more second hand materials and my best contacts for these are other jewellers who have scraps they can pass on.

It’s important to me to be honest, and I will always be willing to listen to people’s ideas on how I can continue to become more sustainable.